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So, In this one, When Lola gave them Big Mom's vivre card, she wasn't mistaken. Also, it's a LuNa for some reason. It follow the ODT Timeline except, Luffy have the Gomu Gomu and knows Haki since he was a kid. The prologue arc will just show the difference between the canon and the story here. So, without further ado, let's get started!

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Oct 2, 2016 · Princess Monkey D. Luffy was given two choices when being told she was to marry to Warlord and king Trafalgar Law. Either she went and her sweet mother would finally get the medical help she desperately needed. Along with the promise her future hubby would be joining forces with the Goa kingdom. The door was kicked open and fifteen year old Monkey D. Lukya stormed in the room with her straight black pajama bottoms and blue top on with a pair of white slippers on, and she was pissed. They all paled but Akainu who wasn't paying attention, but kept replaying 'All the Pirates fault' in his head. "Luffy!One Piece: A Cheshire in Jail. Summary: Monkey D. Luna (fem!Luffy) was brought to Impel Down when she was eight after the marines had discovered who she was. Ten years later after being subjected to the humanity of humans and of the insanity of her own mind that has created for herself, she finally gets a cellmate.fanfic; manga +10 more # 12. Transcended as Lord Buggy-Part 2 by Captain Mermain. 199K 10.3K 200. ... [Various x fem! reader] Thank you to @GrapeJuice1011 for helping me come up with this story idea! ... Monkey D Luffy was no ordinary boy, from a young age he showed exceptional talent in everything, this was the boy who was born to shake the world.

Daffodils by Anonymous. Hancock flees Amazon Lily and joins Luffy in the New World. It's a recipe for trouble—he's gotten taller and handsomer, and her newfound freedom has lowered her inhibitions. When they accidentally wander into a field of aphrodisiacal flowers together, the conclusion is inevitable."Thank you Luffy, you are a sweet and very good person" Say the older woman and kiss the boy at the chick. Luffy blushes. And with that after Robin and Luffy good bye Olivia they left to the boy's boat. Today. After three days they finally began to see the ship. "Luffy how old are you if you don't mind asking" The raven woman say to the boy.Angst and Drama. Mpreg. Life is good in the Kingdom of Alabasta. King Gol D. Roger and his mates reign with benevolence, ensuring the well-being of the people. Of course, there are wars, poverty and health problems, but King Roger tries his best to keep things running smoothly.

You drifted away into a long slumber, tired by your relentless duty, leaving those whom you knew to weave their legends of you, and when you awoke, you found yourself in a new world which anticipated your arrival. And your old purpose, your sole reason to exist, had been washed away.Chapter 1. (Female Luffy P.O.V.) The sea battered the ship on the bright sunny day, music swelled throughout the air surrounding it. People smiled brightly as men and women danced together to the sound of violins and pianos. Just a little way away, high above the ship a voice cried out that soon created a panic throughout its patrons.

One of Smoker's subordinate congratulant his Captain for capturing Luffy, but Smoker told him that these losers are not Luffy and the gang of Pirates, if these were them that worth thirty million Berri then it's the end of the world, he commented, and also told him that Luffy is a female Captain not male because his Chief Petty Officer reported ...Straw Hat stories that feel true or are worth the read, Whitebeard stories you shouldn't pass up, good ASL trio fics, and (of course) Luffy stays with the Whitebeard pirate AUs. In which, Sabo never forgets his brothers or his past, causing his life to turn out quite differently. Will include ASL brother fluff.A female Luffy begins her journey with one little secret. Her dream, is to someday become Queen of the Pirates, however every dream has its obstacles and she has to make decisions that will change the future for the better or worse. Both of her elder brothers decide to tag along on her journey, too bad she's a magnet for trouble.1. Chapter 1 4. Chapter 4. Title: Run AwayGenre: Hurt/comfort/Family Characters: Summary: Luffy never wanted to run, but she does it anyway. Author: The Dark Crimson Blood Count: 1,982. They were just happy.

Female Monkey D. Luffy - Works | Archive of Our Own 21 - 40 of 311 Works in Female Monkey D. Luffy Works Bookmarks ← Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 15 16 Next → Take my sex with a grain of salt (I am and always will be a pirate over a girl) by Ummm_idk_any_good_names One Piece (Live Action TV 2023), One Piece (Anime & Manga) General Audiences

Luffy finally rolled out of the awkward position, his own dick finally leaving his mouth. He was panting, tears kept running down his temples and into his ears or onto his pillow. He waited, listening, patiently. His breathing slowed down, same with his heartbeat, until his first mate's snores finally reached his ears.

First in a hopeful series of 'different devil fruit Luffy' stories. A little mix up in produce results in a traiterous man with a mouth full of rubber, and a happy go lucky boy with a darker edge to him. Possibly Luffy/Boa. One Piece - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 9 - Words: 120,326 - Reviews: 288 - Favs: 957 - Follows: 804 - Updated: Mar 14 ...Luffy stared at the bounty posters on the wall as they walked down the hall, both ignoring all the shocked and astonished marines that the two of them past. They walled down a few halls then up some stairs to Smokers office where they find a female with glasses picking up bits of paper. "Oh, Sm, Smoker!" "Tashigi!"Dec 29, 2015 · Monkey D Luffy, a man rising through the ranks of the Great Pirate Era. First to be proclaimed the fifth emperor of the sea. A bounty rivaling and surpassing his fellow emperors after defeating each one in combat. Hell, he's surprised no ones recognized him by his biggest accomplishment of them all. Kei-kei Yuki is a fanfiction author that has written 45 stories for One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Fairy Tail, Magi/マギ, Toriko, Eyeshield 21, Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, Bleach, Beelzebub/べるぜバブ, D.Gray-Man, Shokugeki no Soma/食戟のソーマ, Voltron: Legendary Defender, High School DxD/ハイスクー …Monkey D. Luffy Loves His Friends. Phoenixes are like Dragons in the sense that they are extremely protective of those they deem to be friends or family. Marco is no exception, and as he realizes that Luffy is more-or-less, his other-half, or as many like to put it, his soulmate, something in him burns bright.

Title: One Promise Fulfilled. Summary: They all woke up due to a nightmarish memory and the day started terribly for them, but as the day continued to pass, the nightmare was on the back of their minds and by the end of the day, a promise was fulfilled which in turn made them forged a new one that will surely happen. Pairing: Marco x Fem!Luffy.You drifted away into a long slumber, tired by your relentless duty, leaving those whom you knew to weave their legends of you, and when you awoke, you found yourself in a new world which anticipated your arrival. And your old purpose, your sole reason to exist, had been washed away.Paulie just walked up to Luffy and Kaku, took of his jacket and placed it around Luffy's chest. "Let's get her out of here" Paulie said to Kaku who just nodded. Lulu and Lucci lead the way back towards Galley-la Company Head Office, Paulie went next, Kaku followed after him with Luffy in his arms, and Tilestone brought up the rear."Love is a risk. Of course it is. We pirates are made of dreams to risk and hearts to lose." Monkey D. Lucy and Roronoa Zoro are still only halfway to their dreams, but they're the Pirate King and the World's Greatest Swordsman. The New World doesn't stand a chance. Zolu fem!luffy. Pt. 2 of Fair Winds and Following SeasLuffy just punched him in the face as he was going on and on. Sending him flying. "Man do you ever shut up." Luffy said to him with his fist high. After getting up Krieg just fired bullets at him which didn't work on Luffy at all. "If they didn't work then how about these." Kreig said and fired sharp bullets, Luffy used Tekkai stopping the bullets.A short-hooded figure watches every character in One Piece with amusement, her eyes mostly settled on one specific person- Monkey D. Luffy, who's being scolded by her orange-hair female friend. The nineteen-year-old just grin, making no excuse for her reckless action, while the orange-hair female sigh in defeat.

Hancock envisioned a grand wedding in the isle of Women. She would wear a pretty white dress and Luffy would wear a black tuxedo. Their little baby would be there, next to her waiting in the aisle. Everything would be perfect…. They would life happily ever after for eternity…. Then, Hancock felt another force.Category: M/M Fandom: One Piece Relationships: Monkey D. Luffy/Trafalgar D. Water Law Monkey D. Luffy/Roronoa Zoro Monkey D. Luffy/Vinsmoke Sanji Monkey D. Luffy/Portgas D. Ace Monkey D. Luffy/Usopp Monkey D. Luffy/Sabo Charlotte Katakuri/Monkey D. Luffy Eustass Kid/Monkey D. Luffy Fushichou Marco | Phoenix Marco/Monkey D. Luffy

A prison where the worst of the worst criminals were sent. A place filled with horrors beyond your wildest nightmares. A place that any sane person would wish to avoid. And it was in this horrible place, filled with the screams of anguish from the prisoners, was a young man. His name: Monkey D. Luffy. It had been four years since he was sent here.A Twisted Strawhat By: Gmann. This story follows a Luffy that was severely abused at a young age and is mentally scared. The Strawhat Captain will be less forgiving to his enemies and won't take prisoners. Stronger crew members and new crew members alike will form the most fearsome band of pirates in history.Said Jinbe, stopping just after grabbing the boy, looking at Katakuri in askance. They knew each other, of course. There had been talk of, in the possibility of Shirohige falling, Jinbe joining Big Mom's crew in exchange for Fishman Island's protection. "Luffy can't die." Said Katakuri, voice low.Female Monkey D. Luffy; Medical Inaccuracies; Fluff and Angst; Tags May Change; Other Additional Tags to Be Added; Summary. Law, a twenty-four year old exhausted doctor that lives alone. Luffy, a seventeen year old girl that's in her final year of highschool. The two are night and day, total opposites, and yet a complete pair. Language: English ...Luffy climbed to the top of the lion's head and surveyed his ship. He smiled grew even larger when he saw everyone. Zoro, the swordsman, lay snoring on the grassy lawn of the Sunny. Nearby Sanji, the love sick cook leaned against the stairs smoking a cigarette and hopelessly flirting with their archaeologist, Robin.Worth the Bounty usoppkamisama. Marco sometimes wondered if Monkey D. Luffy, the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates with a bounty of booming 400 million was worth it. Or was it because of World Government's overestimation or Ace's biased opinion and blatant display of sister. He knew, his lucky encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates had finally ...

This fanfic highlights Nami's importance to the crew and her captain. ... Completed. piece; one; chopper +17 more # 2. 3D2Y (A One Piece Fanfic) by D©•89⚓ . 328K 5.7K 25. Luffy stumbles upon Nami by chance on a small island after the crew was separated at Sabaody Archipelago. The two decide to train together, but then comes the warm, weir

Bickering. Betting with the Straw Hats never goes well. After Luffy and his not-a-crew narrowly escape their first taste at sea combat, they head to the floating restauant Baratie to unwind. However, continuing the trend of the last few …

Explicit Graphic Depictions Of Violence F/F, M/M Work in Progress 07 Oct 2023 Graphic Depictions Of Violence Portgas D. Ace/Smoker Rob Lucci/Sabo Tashigi/OC Smoker & Tashigi (One Piece) Roronoa Zoro/Vinsmoke Sanji Franky/Nico Robin Charlotte Katakuri/Monkey D. Luffy Izou/Thatch (One Piece) Portgas D. Ace Smoker (One Piece) Tashigi (One Piece)Luffy took her grandfather's laugh as a cue and tackled the boar as it began running away. "Meat, meat, meat!" She started cheering as she pummeled the boar that valiantly fought back. Later that night, Luffy eagerly bit into the roasted boar's leg, feeling incredibly proud of herself. Sure, it was just a small boar.She is the daughter of Yakuza boss who died the night she was born for a man is craving power from anywhere he can get it. Follow her path as the future Onna-oyabunor of the Roronoa Yakuza Family. But she has her goals in life to take back her father's title before his death as the Worlds Greatest Swordsmen.Naruto: Blind Hyuga by HKJ017 reviews. He was a transmigrant from Earth and was born in the Hyuga branch family. To avoid being controlled by anyone, he willingly became blind. But with his blindness came his cheat that is template of Fujitora from One Piece. Patreon Link:/Hkj822 Discord: /3bVuQxhY.Standalonefemale is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. ... but also a top member of the Revolutionary army - Canary of Revolution.(AU, original Zoan DF fem!Luffy, First Mate Law, LawLu)ON HIATUS. One Piece - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 26,455 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 920 ...Neko Chapter 1, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction. Rated: - English - Family/Humor - Luffy, Whitebeard, Ace, Sabo - Chapters: 5 - Words: 7,587 - Reviews: - Favs: 562 - Follows: 586 - Updated: - Published: Jan 21, 2014 - id: 10041672. +. A/N: This is the longest chapter I've ever written, don't expect anything this lengthy every time, just ... - Luffy doesn't even know what that is. - pointed Zoro. - We should ask her if she loves someone. She wouldn't lie. She can't lie to save her life. - Suggested Usopp and then the crew got back to their chores, except for Nami, who went to talk to the girl. Luffy was sitting on Sunny's head watching the sea. - Hey, Luffy! - Yo, Nami!Chapter One. Disclaimer: I own nothing. Hello, I am Kai, and I was just taken in by some marine named Garp and he is taking me to live with his two grandsons. I have nowhere else to go and the marines found me on a pirate ship that just recently raided the town I was living in at the local dojo. Luckily, the pirates let me keep my sword, but I ...Shell Town. A young man with a straw hat arrives in Shell Town, learning of a strong fighter that he decides will be his first mate. He finally found the strong person but he was held down to a post, against his will. "I heard you were strong, want to join me." Said the skinny young man, with a straw hat.Female Monkey D. Luffy. Female Roronoa Zoro. Female Vinsmoke Sanji. Female Trafalgar D. Water Law. Futanari. Lemon. Harems. The Lamia Clan, a special type of demi-human tribe that are humanoids with snake-like bodies and scales. They possess a normal human upper body but their lower halves are that of a snake's.-Luffy is 3-4 years old when female Harry disappears, but remembers her when she comes back, and inherited her green eyes instead of that color that replaces his black eyes when he's upset. (x)-rebellious, stubborn, independent, powerful Slytherin Female Harry if she's forced to go to Hogwarts. (x)

Female Monkey D. Luffy; Female Roronoa Zoro; Female Vinsmoke Sanji; Female Trafalgar D. Water Law; Futanari; Lemon; Harems; Summary. The Lamia Clan, a special …Instead of updating my fanfiction, I decided to write a new one after staying up til 3am and deciding there weren't enough female Luffy x Ace fics. Chapter 1: Bad Actions Chapter Text By the time he had been reincarnated for the 7th time, Luffy stopped caring as much. He was tired and all he wanted was to rest in peace.Female Monkey D. Luffy; Alternate Universe - Soulmates; може здатися що це драматична драма але тут трохи більше 200 слів (не помістилося) ... Monkey D. Luffy & Mugiwara Kaizoku | Strawhat Pirates (944) Monkey D. Luffy/Nami (915) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (7511) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (4725) Angst (4156) Hurt/Comfort …Instagram:https://instagram. christian bryant newsyin custody crow wing county minnesotacraigslist cars for sale by owner orlando flprotect your energy wallpaper Fem!Luffy Pirate!Sabo Alive!Ace Alive!Thatch . Ace watched with a fond smile at the sight of the straw hatted female captain who was also his little sister, chatting happily with his captain on the deck. The old man also seemed to be happy to see her again since the war. She was still as cute as ever, even though he hasn't seen his baby girl ...Captain of Straw Hat Pirate, Monkey D. Luffy Punched a Tenryuubito. It was last seen that the Captain of Straw Hat Pirates were at Grove 1 Auction House. The young female captain did something unforgivable and unimaginary and now she will be regarded as a huge threat to the World Government. edd office san franciscochevy dismantlers rancho cordova However he took one look at Luffy before he beamed widely. Luffy looked at him with disbelief, before an even wider smile appeared on her face. "Dino-nii!" "Tsu-chan!" said Sabo, hugging the stuffing out of her. He paused when he realized how 'squishy' she was. Luffy grinned at him and pulled her face, making it stretch far more than it rightly ... swiftdriver portal Founder: Princess Pannero - Stories: 4 - Followers: 1 - Staff: 1 - id: 111340. A place with fanfiction about Boa Hancock (male) x Luffyko. 3. Please post your story here! :D. Of Rivals and Oniichans by Nispedana reviews. [Fem!Luffy. Post-War. R. Harem!] The adventures of an infamous female captain made of rubber, during and after she ...Portgas D. Ace Lives. Cross-Posted on FanFiction.Net. In a moment of pure, dying desperation, Luffy awakens her Devil Fruit in Marineford. This has several long-term consequences, but the most baffling of which to her is Big Mom suddenly offering her one of her sons in marriage alongside Sanji wedding Pudding!